E=MC2 Program at Temple University

E=mc² (Transition to Teaching) Program

Is E=mc² for you?

            • Are you willing to teach in a high-needs
             school district, after completion of the
            • If currently employed, do you desire to
             maintain your current job, during the 
             beginning of the program, while pursuing
             an accelerated path to receive a 
             Pennsylvania teaching certificate?


Prospective Students

What qualifications do I need to apply to the E=mc² program?

(1) A complete application and résumé documenting practical experience in mathematics or science; listing all colleges and universities attended, majors, and degrees granted; describing job responsibilities related to mathematics or science; and listing all personal qualities, skills, and experiences with teaching or mentoring youth.

(2) Transcripts documenting:
       (a) for the mathematics track of the E=mc² program, a high level of mathematics expertise, including a bachelor’s degree and strong background in mathematics, with credits in college-level math, including calculus, algebra, Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry, linear algebra, and number theory. Practical work experience in the field of mathematics is preferred.
       (b) for the science track of the E=mc² program, a high level of science expertise, including a bachelor’s degree and a strong science background in, for example, chemistry, biology, physics, or earth sciences, with credits in college-level science courses and their associated laboratories. Practical work experience in the field of science is preferred.

(3) Letters of recommendation attesting to your aptitude for teaching middle school.

(4) Praxis scores demonstrating passing scores for all sections. These tests, among other things, measure basic academic skills; general and subject-specific knowledge; and teaching skills. In addition to being required by the state to receive a teaching certificate, the exams will be used by Temple faculty to individualize E=mc² the participant’s program. For the latest information on the Praxis exams, please E-mail emc2@temple.edu.

(5) An interview showing a desire to accept the challenge of teaching, and a willingness to teach in a high-needs school district.

NOTE: When you are accepted into this program, you will also be expected to apply to the Temple College of Education graduate program, though whether or not you choose to pursue a degree will be left to your discretion.

What to Expect

            First Year:
                        • Begin to receive the financial benefits of E=mc²
                        • Begin coursework/fieldwork on two full Fridays and Saturdays a month
                        • Begin student teaching in the classroom
                        • Receive support and guidance from mentor and academic coach
                        • Be eligible to receive the Initial Professional Teaching Certificate
                        • Be placed in a middle school teaching position if course is completed successfully
            Second, Third, and Fourth Years:
                        • Continue to receive support and mentoring from E=mc² advisors,
                           as an employed middle school teacher

How to Apply

Click here (pdf) for information on the E=mc² Application Process (pdf).


                                Online application (pdf)
                                Letter of Recommendation (pdf)
                                Praxis Tests
                                Tuition Subsidy
                                Financial Aid
                                E=mc² Program Courses
                                M.Ed. Information


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