Avi Kaplan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Educational Psychology
Psychological Studies in Education

Ritter Annex 209
1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19122
phone/fax: (215) 204-4497 / (215) 204-6013

  • Ph.D. Education and Psychology, University of Michigan
  • M.A. Education and Psychology, University of Michigan
  • B.A. Psychology and General Studies, Haifa University, Israel
Areas of Professional Interest
  • Student Motivation and Self-Regulation
  • Learning Environments
  • Self and Identity Development
Recent Scholarship

Kaplan, A. (2014, in press). Theory and research on teachers’ motivation: Mapping an emerging conceptual terrain. In P. W. Richardson, S. Karabenick & H. M. G. Watt  (Eds.), Teacher Motivation: Theory and Practice. NY: Routledge.

Perez, T., Cromley, J., & Kaplan, A. (2014). The role of identity development, values, and costs in college STEM retention. Journal of Educational Psychology. 106, 315-329.

Kaplan, A., Katz, I., & Flum, H. (2012). Motivation theory in educational practice: Knowledge claims, challenges, and future directions. In K. R. Harris, S. G. Graham, & T. Urdan (Eds.), APA Educational Psychology Handbook Vol. 2: Individual differences, cultural considerations, and contextual factors in educational psychology (Ch. 7, pp. 165-194). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Kaplan, A, & Flum, H. (Guest Eds.) (2012). Special Issue: Identity formation in educational settings. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 37(3).

Sinai, M., Kaplan, A., & Flum, H. (2012). Promoting identity exploration within the school curriculum: A design-based study in a junior high literature lesson in Israel. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 37, 195-205.

Madjar, N., Kaplan, A., & Weinstock, M. (2011). Clarifying mastery-avoidance goals in high school: Distinguishing between intrapersonal and task-based standards of competence. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 36, 268-279. 

Sideridis, G., & Kaplan, A. (2011). Achievement goals and persistence across tasks: The role of failure and success. Journal of Experimental Education, 79, 1-23.

Katz, I., Kaplan, A., & Buzukashvily, T. (2011). The role of parents' motivation in students' autonomous motivation for doing homework. Learning and Individual Differences, 21, 376-386.

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