Insook Han, Ed.D

Insook Han Ed.D

Assistant Professor
Teaching & Learning

Ritter Hall 439
1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19122

phone: (215)-204-6085

  • Ed. D., Teachers College, Columbia University, Instructional Technology and Media
  • M.A., Korea University, Educational Methodology
  • B.A., Korea University, Education
Areas of Professional Interest
  • Embodied cognition for enhancing memory, learning, and transfer
  • Use of technology for improving student’s learning in STEM 
  • Preservice teacher education for technology integration in classrooms
  • Instructional Learning Technology
Recent Scholarship


Han, I., Shin, W. S., & Koh, Y. (in press). The effect of student teaching experience and teacher beliefs on pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy and intention for using technology in teaching. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice. (SJR Indicator: 1.087, Ranking: 116/1066 in Education ©SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) 2015)

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