Janice Laurence, Ph.D.

Janice Laurence, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Adult and Organizational Development
Psychological, Organizational, & Leadership Studies

1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
Ritter Annex 245, College of Education 
Philadelphia, PA 19122
phone/fax: (215) 204-8079 / (215) 204-6013

  • Ph.D. George Mason University, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • MA  George Mason University, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • MA Temple University, Experimental Psychology
  • BA Temple University, Psychology
Areas of Professional Interest
  • Personnel Policy Analysis and Assessment
  • Performance Measurement and Assessment
  • Military Psychology
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Diversity Issues
Recent Scholarship


Estrada, A.X., & Laurence, J.H. (2009).   The impact of training on the Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Pursue policy. Military Psychology, accepted for publication.

Matthews, M.D., Ender, M.G., Laurence, J.H. & Rohall, D.E. (2009). Role of group affiliation and sex on attitudes toward women in the military, Military Psychology, accepted for publication.

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Schwind, D.A., & Laurence, J.H. (2006). “Raising the flag: Promotion to admiral in the United States Navy.” Military Psychology, 18, Supplemental Issue.

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Laurence,  J.H. (2006, June). Military women and transformation.  Washington, DC: National Defense University. Invited address presented before the Sea Services Leadership Association and Coast Guard Women’s Leadership Association’s Professional Development Symposium.

Laurence, J.H. (2004, March). Military manpower forum. Washington, DC: Cato Institute. (Invited panelist)

Laurence, J.H. (2004, February). Women and the military: Mutual contributions.  Invited paper presented before the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Department at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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Laurence, J.H. (2002, October).  Gender integration in the U.S. military: Status, progress, and obstacles.  Invited address before the Swedish National Defence College, Stockholm