Michael W. Smith, Ph.D.

Michael W. Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Dean Academic Affairs and Faculty Development

Office of the Dean
Teaching & Learning

1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
351 Ritter Hall, College of Education 
Philadelphia, PA 19122
phone/fax: (215) 204-6387

  • Ph.D. University of Chicago. Special Field: Curriculum and Instruction.
  • M.A.T. University of Chicago. Major Emphases: English and Education
  • B.A. University of Chicago. Major: English
Areas of Professional Interest

The learning and teaching of literature and composition, adolescents' in and out of school literacies, boys and school achievement.

Recent Scholarship
Smith, W. W., Appleman, D. & Wilhelm, J. (2014). Uncommon core: Where the authors of the standards go wrong about instruction--and how you can get it right. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Wilhelm, J.  & Smith, M. W.  (2014). Reading unbound:  Why kids need to read what they want—and why we should let them. New York:  Scholastic.

Smith, M. W., Wilhelm, J., Fredrickson, J.  (2012).  O, yeah?!: Putting argument to work both in school and out.  Portsmouth, NH:  Heinemann. 

Wilhelm, J., Smith, M. W.,  & Fredrickson, J.  (2012).  Get it done!: Writing informational text to make things happen. Portsmouth, NH:  Heinemann. 

Fredrickson, J., Wilhelm, J., & Smith, M. W.,  & (2012).  So, what's the story?: Narrative writing to understand ourselves, others, and the world. Portsmouth, NH:  Heinemann. 

Smith, M. W. & Wilhelm, J.  (2010). Fresh takes on teaching literary elements: How to teach what really matters about character, setting, point of view, and theme. New York:  Scholastic.

Wilhelm, J., & Smith, M. W. (2009).  Boys and literacy:  Complexity and multiplicity. In. L. Christenbury, R. Bomer, & P. Smagorinsky (Eds.), Handbook of adolescent literacy research (360-371).  New York: Guilford Press.

Smith, M.W.  (2009). The issue of authorial surplus in narrative research.  Educational Researcher, 38, 603–607.

Smith, M. W. & Wilhelm, J.  (2007). Getting it right:  Fresh approaches to teaching grammar, usage, and correctness.  New York:  Scholastic.

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