Dr. Steven Gross
Professor of Educational Leadership
Policy, Organizational, & Leadership Studies

Ritter Hall 246
1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6091
phone/fax: (215) 204-8064 / (215)204-2743

  • Ed.D. University of Pennsylvania, Educational Leadership
  • M. S. University of Wisconsin, Asian History 
  • B. A. Temple University, History
Areas of Professional Interest

My teaching, scholarship, and service center on this question: How can schools initiate and sustain deep democratic reform in a turbulent era such as ours? Through my books (Ethical Educational Leadership in Turbulent Times (2008)(co-authored with Joan P. Shapiro), Leadership Mentoring: (2006), Staying Centered: Curriculum Leadership in a Turbulent Era (1998) and Promises Kept: Sustaining School and District Leadership in a Turbulent Era (2004) and articles, I have explored this question in the US and abroad. I have also developed Turbulence Theory to help explain how and why organizational conditions become volatile.  I have served as Editor of ASCD’s Curriculum Handbook series and am a Senior Fellow at the Vermont Society for the Study of Education. Because I think we need to act on our beliefs, I have joined with scholars and practitioners around the world in forming a movement called the New DEEL (Democratic-Ethical Educational Leadership). The New DEEL promotes the values of democracy, social justice and authentic learning in schools through conferences, graduate course work, and writing.

Recent Scholarship


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Recent Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals and Book Chapters:

Gross, Steven Jay. (in press) Establishing meaningful leadership mentoring in school settings: Transcending simplistic rhetoric, self-congratulation, and claims of a panacea . In M.D. Young, G. Crow, R. Ogawa, and J. Murphy (Eds.). The Handbook on Research in Educational Leadership. Austin, TX: University Council of Educational Leadership.

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