Graduate Teacher Education

Initial Teacher Certification Graduate Program Secondary Education: English [Grades 7-12] (Ed.M.)

The specialization in English Education emphasizes the social, intellectual and discursive skills necessary to ensure that students can not only survive, but thrive in a rapidly expanding world. Courses stress connections between the advanced literacy demands of high school and the similarities and differences in the literacies necessary to thrive in home and school communities. The English Education program seeks to prepare teachers to engage secondary students in the production and interpretation of literary and non-literary spoken and written texts. Graduates of this specialization can identify the basic structures and functions of language; become familiar with the texts and histories of American, European and non-Western literary genres; and place reading and writing within the larger context of films, plays, videos and other forms of expression.

If you have additional questions about the English Education program, please contact:

Frank Sullivan, Associate Professor
phone: (215) 204-6157