Intergenerational Center

Project SHINE

Over more than two decades of work, Project SHINE has:

  • engaged 9,000+ students through service-learning opportunties,
  • provided 150,000 hours of service to 40,000 immigrant elders,
  • partnered with 31 colleges and universities and over 200 immigrant-serving organizations,
  • provided national training and technical assistance to colleges and community organizations on replicating SHINE and promoting civic participation among immigrant elders, and
  • conducted research to inform and improve practices in building diverse and inclusive communities.

SHINE is built on the philosophy that (1) integration involves a two-way process in which new comers and the receiving society work together and (2) that there are pathways essential to success.  According to the GCIR, these include:

language and education

Project SHINE operates initiatives in each of these key areas: ESL & Citizenship, Workforce Development, Health Literacy,  and Civic Engagement.

Patience Lehrman
Program Specialist