School Leadership

Teacher Leadership (M.Ed.)

This 30-credit master's program is designed for teachers and other educators who aspire to leadership roles within the context of schools and pre-K-12 schooling but wish to maintain their focus on the classroom.  It enables teaching professionals to identify various pathways to differentiating their responsibilities and assuming leadership roles, while remaining focused on classroom practice.  The program consists of a group of foundational courses and a two-course sequence in practitioner research required for all students.  

Students who complete the master's program meet the requirements for the state of Pennsylvania's Instructional Coaching Endorsement. 

This program is designed for working professionals. It combines face-to-face instruction with online learning. Courses will meet for one week during the summer and one weekend a month during the year. Students can complete the program in 18 months.

Context for the Program

The features of the Master's Degree in Teacher Leadership follow the model standards created by the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium, a distinguished group of education stakeholders including the Council of Chief State School Officers and the American Federation of Teachers. The standards include seven domains:
  • Domain I: Fostering a collaborative culture to support educator development and student learning
  • Domain II: Accessing and using research to improve practice and student learning
  • Domain III: Promoting professional learning for continuous improvement
  • Domain IV: Facilitating improvements in instruction and student learning
  • Domain V: Promoting the use of assessments and data for school and district improvement
  • Domain VI: Improving outreach and collaboration with families and communities
  • Domain VII: Advocating for student learning and the profession. 

Program Outcomes and Competencies

The development of teacher leaders reflects an effort to enhance the role of teachers in promoting positive learning environments and ensuring that schools meet the needs of all students. Teacher leaders have the potential to create the conditions they need to succeed in their classrooms, to work collaboratively and productively with school administrators, and lift student achievement. Teacher leaders have the potential to foster educational equity and opportunity for all students and to learn and model positive, ethical, professional practice. 

The program aims to produce school leaders who are able to: 

  • Help colleagues work collaboratively to create effective instruction and improve student learning outcomes;
  • Help colleagues solve problems, make good decisions, manage conflict and promote positive change
  • Communicate and effectively engage with diverse constituencies
  • Model good teaching practice and effectively coach and mentor colleagues
  • Use classroom and school-based data to support decision making
  • Integrate evidence-based practices and research into teaching practice
  • Participate in assessing classroom and school effectiveness
  • Improve school climate and promote positive learning communities
  • Take positive steps toward ensuring educational equity and equal opportunity

Program Requirements

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How to Apply

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