College of Education Student Teacher appears on WHYY


Can schools that enroll students of all skill levels use the same methods as more academically selective programs? In the second half of our report on Philadelphia’s public schools, special correspondent for education John Merrow reports on the city’s U School, a neighborhood school that’s copying the project-based learning curriculum of some of the city’s more exclusive charter schools.

Temple explores innovative ways to help students succeed

Temple University

In partnership with the Association of Public Land-grant Universities, the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the Transformational Planning grant is a one-year initiative that seeks to transform the way higher education is delivered. One of seven universities selected nationwide, Temple University will use the grant to support research in admissions, enrollment and retention in the 2014-2015 school year.

College of Education Clinic Launches Builder's Club

Builder's Club

Temple’s College of Education Clinic is offering a weekly after-school group for children ages 7-11 who struggle with making friendships and social skills in a fun, laid-back environment! Group members will build social skills and relationships as they build with Legos at “Builders’ Club.” The Club will be led by professionals and graduate level students.


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