Dr. Frank Farley and alumna Tamron Hall talk fear on NBC Today

Dr. Frank Farley

When Tamron Hall, Temple alumna and co-host of NBC’s Today, visited a haunted house in New Jersey, she screamed so much that she hurt herself—a deep muscle tear. Letting out a yelp is part of the normal response to fear, said educational psychologist Frank Farley of Temple’s College of Education. “Screams have multiple features. They can be a signal for help; they can be an expression of emotion,” he said. “Screaming is one form of expressing fear. … [It’s] what we do in social situations that have scary qualities.” So why do people seek out haunted houses and horror movies? “It is scary, but it’s a safe thrill,” Farley said.

Dr. Steven Gross Receives CSLEE Willower Award

Dr. Gross was selected as the recipient of the CSLEE Willower Award for Excellence in recognition of his work in Turbulence Theory and for co-editing The Handbook for Ethical Educational Leadership.The Willower Award for Excellence is the highest CSLEE honor awarded in recognition of exemplary scholarship in the field of Ethical Leadership.

Dr. Meixia Ding Receives National Science Foundation Career Award

National Science Foundation

Meixia Ding, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education in the College of Education at Temple University was selected as a recipient of a National Science Foundation Career Award. Ding will serve as Principal Investigator for the five-year, $588,865 award titled "CAREER: Algebraic Knowledge for Teaching: A Cross-cultural Perspective." Ding was selected as recipient of this award by the National Science Foundation Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (DRL).


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