College of Education Alumna Publishes Book "Summer in the City"

Kathleen Wainwright

College of Education Alumna Kathleen Wainwright, B.S.Ed. '00 recently published the book "Summer in the City."

Summer in the City is a heartwarming picture book based on author Kathleen Wainwright’s childhood growing up in the city. Before there were 24-hour cartoon channels, laptop computers or the internet, what did kids do all day to occupy their time when schools were on break and the days were hot?

Dr. Janelle Bailey Elected as Vice President of American Association of Physics Teachers

Dr. Janelle Bailey

Dr. Janelle Bailey, Associate Professor of Physics Education has been elected to serve as Vice President of the Executive Board of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). AAPT recognizes her outstanding level of service to the physics education community.

Dr. Bailey will enter the AAPT Presidential Chain, serving as Vice President in 2014, President-Elect in 2015, President in 2016, and Past President in 2017.

College of Education Inducts Patience Lehrman into Gallery of Success

Patience Lehrman

Patience Lehrman, program director of Project SHINE and the 2013 inductee for the College of Education, says Temple’s lessons extend far beyond the classroom. “Temple taught me not only how to think outside the box, but to get rid of the box,” she said. “As a student, I learned to be driven by the passion of my own convictions.”

Gallery of Success highlights Owls who have utilized the skills and knowledge learned at Temple to chart their own paths as leading educators, scientists, business owners, artists, healthcare providers, lawyers.

Dr. Maia Cucchiara Discusses How Cities Are Trying to Fix Their Schools by Luring the Middle Class

Tom Mihalek/Reuters

If handled carefully, an increase in the number of middle-class families in urban public schools could be a triumph for equity and diversity, said Temple College of Education professor Maia Bloomfield Cucchiara in an essay. “However, in the absence of reforms that address inequitable funding and the city-suburban divide, efforts to attract middle-class families will inevitably fall short of preventing the next crisis,” she said.


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