Philadelphia CTE Teacher awarded Stanford Hollyhock Fellowship

Philadelphia CTE Teacher awarded Stanford Hollyhock Fellowship
Yaniv Aronson is the first CTE teacher to be awarded this prestigious fellowship.  He is the Film and Video teacher at Northeast High School. He completed the Temple program in 2015, earning a Vocational 1 certificate in Audio Visual Media Communications Technology.  He will start work toward a Vocational II certificate in Temple’s program this fall. 

Academy for adult learning works to ‘broaden the horizons’

Senior Kayla Roberson (left), and sophomore Hayley Wenner look at photos

The Academy for Adult Learning, founded in 2008 by the College of Education's Institute on Disabilities, is a two-year program that allows students with disabilities to more easily adjust to college life with a group of support. Students who work with the Academy for Adult Learning can serve as tutors or mentors, depending on the type of relationship they want to cultivate with other students.

Faculty Publish New Book on Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership

Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership

Drs. Steven Jay Gross and Joan Poliner Shapiro author Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership: Reclaiming School Reform published by Routledge. This book presents a cohesive framework for aspiring and practicing leaders to explore the complex nature of leadership that can support democratic citizenry and social responsibility. Organized around the 5 "New DEEL" visions for leadership, chapters illustrate real people who embody these principles. This compelling vision for educational leadership, combined with diverse and vibrant examples of leadership in action, will serve as a critical guide for the rising generation of democratic ethical educational leaders in the US and abroad.


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