Program Requirements for Applied Behavior Analysis MSEd as of Fall 2020

Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 36

Required Courses

Required courses for the MSEd in Applied Behavior Analysis as of Fall 2020

Course Number

Course Title


ABA 5302

Effective Teaching Strategies and Academic Interventions


ABA 5303

Ethical and Legal Issues


ABA 5304

Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis


ABA 5305

Single Subject Research Design


ABA 5306

Organizational Behavior Management- OBM


ABA 5307

Experimental Analysis of Behavior- EAB


ABA 5676

Applied Behavior Analysis


ABA 8787

Seminar on Verbal Behavior


ABA 9387

Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis


ABA 9991

Applied Research Experience


Lists the required courses for students beginning their MSEd program in Applied Behavior Analysis in Fall 2020 or later.

Academic Program Changes Effective Fall 2020

Reflective of our commitment to continually improve learning opportunities for our students and to deliver programs that address discipline-based knowledge in a broad, diverse, and changing environment, the College of Education and Human Development has modified the program requirements for several academic programs. These changes, as approved by Temple's Board of Trustees, are effective for students beginning their program in Fall 2020 and beyond.  To ensure students can adequately plan their course of study, the college is posting the revised program requirements. This information will remain available on this site until the updated 2020-2021 Temple Bulletin is published in August 2020. 

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