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Last structural and design update: September 2013.

Something wrong?  Notice a problem?  Request a web page edit/update or you can contact the current webmaster: Lori Bailey, webmstr.edu@temple.edu

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Link arrow logoThe link arrow symbol next to a link indicates a resource outside of the College of Education.  Link not working?  Report a broken/missing link.


Adobe PDF IconWe publish some files in Portable Document Format ( PDF). PDF files are platform independent (designed with the Internet in mind) and facilitate efficient distribution of large, complex documents. You will need the appropriate version of Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader to view, navigate, and print PDF files.

PDF documents may not be readily accessible to screen readers and may not be formatted for visually impaired users. More information is available at http://blogs.adobe.com/accessibility/

  • Google
    You can type in the URL of any PDF at google.com and click on 'View as HTML' in the results — the document will be converted into a text only HTML document.
  • Email
    For converting offline documents, you can send your PDF as an e-mail attachment, a converted version of the document will be posted back to you.
    - HTML version pdf2html@sun.trace.wisc.edu
    - TEXT version: pdf2txt@adobe.com
  • Webbie Accessible PDF Reader is available at: www.webbie.org.uk/accessiblepdf/

Microsoft iconsWe also publish some documents in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel format. To view these files you must either have Microsoft Office installed on your PC or you can use a Microsoft Viewer, which is available from: Microsoft Office Viewers


This site has been designed to specific accessibility standards which include:

  • Minimal use of tables for layout (uses CSS instead)
  • CSS for styles and formatting
  • no frames
  • consistent navigation
  • limited Javascript usage: menus can be viewed with or without Javascript enabled. Some forms require Javascript.
  • mark-up with additional information for use by screen readers
  • accessible keyboard navigation
  • ability to scale text size

If you have difficulties with any areas of this web site, please contact the webmaster at webmstr.edu@temple.edu or telephone us at (215) 204-8017.