Dr. Cynthia Belliveau is the coordinator of the adult and organizational development undergraduate major and she is the co-coordinator of the human development and community engagement (HDCE) major. She teaches courses in team development, organizational communication, decision making, interpersonal communication, adult learning and training, community engagement, social entrepreneurship and conflict resolution. Dr. Belliveau serves as faculty advisor for students in the undergraduate AOD degree and she is the recipient of the Temple University Faculty Advisor award.

Dr. Belliveau has an undergraduate degree from Penn State University in individual and family studies, a graduate degree from Alfred University in non-profit management and a doctorate degree in psychoeducational processes from Temple University. Her research has primarily focused on community and organizational change.

Dr. Belliveau has 35 years of experience in non-profit management and administration. She has shown an entrepreneurial spirit by starting three non-profit organizations: Partners for Youth (a city-wide youth engagement program of the American Red Cross), the Pennsylvania Alliance for Character Education (PACE), and the Pennsylvania Service Learning Alliance (PSLA). These organizations are organizations that focused on the civic and academic development of students across Pennsylvania.

Dr. Belliveau has also written several training programs that are used in schools across the country. These include a service learning training for students to use to create community change in their neighborhoods and a character education program for students in Pennsylvania. She also has been a successful grant writer for non-profit organizations and she has served as the primary investigator on several federal and state grant programs.

Courses Taught




AOD 3319

Skill Building for Social Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement


AOD 3376

Facilitating Group Decision-Making


AOD 3396

Organizational Processes


AOD 3396

Organizational Communication


AOD 4376

Innovation and Mission-Driven Organizations


AOD 4385

Internship in AOD/Applied Communication


AOD 4396

Field Research: Practice in Professional Settings


AOD 5534

Group Facilitation and Consultation


HDCE 4187

Practicum in Applied Development


EDUC 4185

Community Internship and Seminar