Dr. Janice H. Laurence holds a doctoral degree in industrial and organizational psychology from George Mason University. She is currently the AOD program coordinator. She teaches courses in organizational assessment, socio-cultural competence, team development, leadership, research methods, and organizational communication. Dr. Laurence has over 30 years of federally-funded applied organizational research experience, particularly within the U.S. military—the world’s largest education and training institution. Her research has directly contributed to the development of the military organization and the relationship between the military and its personnel. Dr. Laurence’s work with the military has been recognized and supported outside of the military by the U.S. Department of Education, the American Council on Education, the Congress of the U.S., and others. Her scholarship includes over 20 books and chapters, 9 peer-reviewed journal articles, 11 invited monographs, 18 invited lectures/addresses, 29 professional presentations and non-peer reviewed articles, and over 50 technical reports. Since joining the Temple faculty in the fall of 2008, Dr. Laurence’s research has been documented in six major co-edited volumes related to adult and organizational change processes in military contexts. Two of these volumes, The Handbook of Military Psychology and Social Science Goes to War: The Human Terrain System in Iraq and Afghanistan were published by Oxford University Press. Dr. Laurence’s studies of employee training, job performance assessment, leadership, and cultural competency within organizations are aimed at enhancing or assessing adult development and employee competencies to support the achievement of critical organizational and task goals. Her studies of employee selection, employee assessment, diversity initiatives, and employee attrition are all aimed at exploring major influences that support or detract from positive changes in organizational growth and development. Much of her work illustrates the practical importance of applied social science research in shaping organizational and adult learning and promoting the achievement of effective organizational change. She is the past editor and current associate editor of Military Psychology, the official journal of the Society of Military Psychology of the American Psychological Association. Additionally, she is a fellow of the American Psychological Association.

Courses Taught




AOD 2218

Leadership in Organizations


AOD 5404

Organizational Development


AOD 5524

Sociocultural Dynamics


AOD 5535

Organizational Assessment, Design and Strategy


AOD 9231

Proseminar in AOD


Selected Publications


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