Dr. Jayminn Sanford-DeShields teaches undergraduate and graduate courses required of aspiring teachers in early childhood and secondary education. Dr. Sanford-DeShields is a career educator who has directed several collaborative programs designed to address the educational needs of students across the learning continuum here and abroad. She has served on the Boards of several charter schools and community organizations in Philadelphia and in New York City. Dr. Sanford-DeShields’ research interests are in the areas of collaborative educational reform, urban education, and peaceable schools and classrooms. She was raised in New York City where she taught in elementary schools, special education classrooms and in high school based drop-out prevention programs. She taught secondary school while pursuing her doctoral degree in Cambridge, MA at Harvard. Dr. Sanford-DeShields came to Temple in 1991 as an Assistant Professor of Education and Coordinator of both the Professional Development School Initiative and the Five Year Teacher Education Program.

Research Interests

  • Early Childhood
  • Urban Education

Courses Taught




EDUC 0809

Race and Diversity in Children's and Young Adult Books: Reading Between the Lines


EDUC 1255

Inclusive Education for a Diverse Society


EDUC 8252

Cultural Diversity


ECED 2187

Practicum for Pre-K and Kindergarten


Selected Publications

  • Leonard, J., Lovelace-Taylor, K., Sanford-DeShields, J., & Spearman, P. (2004). Professional development schools revisited: Reform authentic partnerships, and new visions. Urban Education, 39(5), pp. 561-583. doi: 10.1177/0042085904266968