Dr. John Hall studies the relationships among school systems, school leaders, and the broader social, cultural, and political environment. His current studies focus on three areas: leadership pipeline development in district central offices and charter management organizations; the germination and evolution of district–university–community partnerships; and the integration of design-based school improvement into leadership preparation and development. Before coming to Temple, Dr. Hall coordinated the doctoral program in leadership for educational equity at UC Berkeley. Prior to that, he led the Oakland Unified School District’s academic redesign team, providing support and guidance to the district’s leadership, framing policy conversations, and serving as a "boundary spanner" between research and practice. Before that, he helped launch a charter school network in the Bay Area and founded a support organization for charter leaders across the region. Dr. Hall has been a teacher and an administrator in district schools, charter schools, independent schools, and international schools. He is a founding member of American Education Reaches Out, an international consortium that develops standards and supports standard-based instruction in schools around the world. Dr. Hall began his career as a research scientist, managing neuroscience laboratories at the University of Washington and at UC San Francisco.

Courses Taught




EDAD 5201

Action and Collaborative Research Seminar


EDAD 5300

Intro Issues Sch Ldship


EDAD 5303

Ldshp in Diverse Context


EDAD 5307

Clin Exp in Sch Ldship


EDAD 5308

Clinical Experiences in School Leadership 2


EDAD 8636

Research for Change


EDAD 8653

Civic Leadership


EDAD 8755

Organizational Dynamics


EDUC 5101

Critical Understanding of Social Science Research


URBE 5611

Reforming City Schools


Selected Publications

  • Hall, J.J. (2017). There’s a consultant for that: When school districts are doing too much but can’t help themselves. Phi Delta Kappan, 99(4), pp. 60-65. doi: 10.1177/0031721717745547

  • Hall, J. (2016). Implementing Interventions. In R. Mintrop (Ed.), Design-Based School Improvement: A Practical Guide for Education Leaders (pp. 203-218). Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press. Retrieved from

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