Dr. Joseph Haviland is a former teacher of English, curriculum director, and high school principal. He meets from time to time with area school administrators to talk about what’s on their plates. His teaching is informed by what he learns in those conversations. For example, he has his undergraduate students draft essays on topics suggested by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and requires students to incorporate ideas from leading education researchers such as Danielson, Schmoker, Boynton, and Hunter into demonstration lessons. He is fond of saying that the best way to learn how to teach is to teach before a critical audience and to reflect upon constructive feedback. It follows that students are asked to teach and to reflect often in his classes. Dr. Haviland oversees the accomplished teaching and the senior seminar programs. Dr. Haviland has been awarded the College of Education’s Undergraduate Teaching Award and the University’s Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Research Interests

  • Achievement
  • Curriculum

Courses Taught




EDUC 2296

Effective Teaching: Theory and Practice


EDUC 4091

Capstone Project: Minor in Education


EDUC 4389

Field Experience


EDUC 5409

Research Methods and Induction Capstone


MGSE 4641

Teaching Literature and Reading: 7-12