Dr. Joseph DuCette has been a faculty member in the College of Education since 1968. During his years at Temple University, he has served as the chairperson of the Department of Educational Psychology, the associate dean of the College of Education, and the acting dean of the College of Education. He is currently the senior associate dean of evaluation and assessment for the College of Education. Dr. DuCette has served as an assessment and evaluation consultant to numerous educational organizations in the Philadelphia region. These include the After School Activities Partnerships, the Hundred Book Challenge, the Future Stars of Delaware, De La Salle in Towne, Tell Them We Are Rising, and Philadelphia READS. He has been the co-primary investigator on several federal grants focused on math and science at the high school and college level. His current interest is in factors that affect retention in both basic and higher education. He received his doctoral degree from Cornell University in experimental psychology.

Research Interests

  • Assessment
  • Attribution
  • Program Evaluation

Courses Taught




EDUC 5325

Introduction to Statistics and Research


EDUC 8404

Quantitative Analysis, Part I


HIED 8093

Advanced Higher Education Research Seminar


HIED 8287

Research Practicum


EPSY 2325

Statistics for Decision Making


EPSY 8625

Intermediate Educational Statistics


Selected Publications

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