Dr. Sandilos' school-based research focuses on the quality of the classroom environment. Overarching goals of her research are to improve teachers’ relationships with students and their instructional effectiveness by (a) examining the influence of assessments of quality interactions and instruction on key educational outcomes, and (b) identifying ways to support teachers’ emotional well-being. Her work is also oriented toward better understanding the schooling experiences of young students who are likely to experience social inequities because of their ethnic group membership, family poverty status, or language proficiency status. Dr Sandilos is currently involved in research projects exploring the measurement of teacher well-being, effective instruction for English language learners, and instructional processes that facilitate the development of students’ character/social emotional skills in diverse school settings.

Research Interests

  • Classroom Research
  • School/Teacher Effectiveness
  • Stress/Coping

Courses Taught




SPSY 0828

The Meaning of Madness


SPSY 9687

Clinical Supervision Seminar in School Psychology


SPSY 9688

Psychoeducational Clinic


Selected Publications

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