Dr. Will Jordan's recent scholarship has focused on conducting empirical research to enhance program and policy development for improving the conditions of education in urban schools. In recent years, he has engaged in a variety of research projects on issues such as high school and postsecondary collaborations, the connection between school leadership content knowledge in mathematics and instructional quality, and interventions to improve failing comprehensive high schools. His primary interests and expertise fall in the areas of sociology of education, urban education, high school reform, resiliency among adolescents of color, and at-risk students.

Courses Taught




URBE 0855

Education for Liberation Here and Abroad


URBE 5501

Urban Schools


URBE 5630

Special Seminar in Urban Education


EPSY 8627

Introduction to Research Design and Methods


Selected Publications


  • Sutherland, D., Ponnock, A.R., Jordan, W.J., Kuriloff, P., & Hoffman, B. (2021). Sustainable Teaching: Three urban teachers make a case for teacher education 3.0 Teaching and Teacher Education, 99. doi: 10.1016/j.tate.2020.103271

  • Kuriloff, P., Jordan, W., Sutherland, D., & Ponnock, A. (2019). Teacher preparation and performance in high-needs urban schools: What matters to teachers. Teaching and Teacher Education, 83, pp. 54-63. doi: 10.1016/j.tate.2019.04.001

  • Kaimal, G. & Jordan, W.J. (2016). Do incentive-based programs improve teacher quality and student achievement? An analysis of implementation in 12 urban charter schools. Teachers College Record, 118(7).