Alumni and Development

Alumni Spotlight

Brian’s love for Math and a positive experience training fellow employees at an educational tutoring company led him to the College of Education and a degree in Secondary Education, Math.

As a married, older student, Driscoll was initially nervous about ‘fitting in’ and being able to relate to his fellow students. He quickly found Temple has a very diverse student body which provided a unique perspective for his classes. His fellow classmates did include students straight out of high school but also other married people who like him, were studying full-time and maintaining households.

For Driscoll, what stands out most is the strength of the Temple community, “it was a very supportive and collegial environment. Everyone was more than willing to give of themselves and worked together to help each other succeed,” explained Driscoll.

His experience as a Diamond Scholar tutoring students struggling with math concepts reinforced his love of teaching and math. “Math really is the language of everything; math identifies patterns and explains nature, science and the universe. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to translate teaching math in the classroom with how math is used every day. Some students just want the grade as they need it to advance in their studies but for me, having a student get that lightbulb ahh moment was so rewarding, said Driscoll.

Ultimately, Driscoll decided not to pursue a career in the classroom and became a successful computer programmer, however, he doesn’t rule out returning to the classroom to teach college students or young professionals in the future.