Certification Office

Instructional I Certificate

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania currently provides two levels of certification. The initial certificate, Instructional I, is also known as a provisional certificate. Depending on the type, it is valid for a specific number of years of service, during which the individual must complete an established set of requirements (e.g. coursework, teaching experience, or an induction program). Upon completion of those requirements, the individual is eligible for the Instructional II Certificate.  If the individual does not complete the established requirements within the statute of limitations mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Instructional I Certificate lapses and the individual becomes ineligible for employment in the Pennsylvania public school system.

The applicant for the Instructional I Certificate must:

  • complete an approved certification program at the bachelor's or graduate level;
  • receive the recommendation of the college/university from which he or she is receiving certification;
  • meet all testing requirements established by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education; and
  • meet all other requirements established by the Pennsylvania School Code.

As of Spring 2012, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is requiring that all applications for credentials be completed and submitted online via the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS): PA-TIMS.com. Paper applications are no longer being accepted and can no longer be submitted directly to Temple University for processing.

Please visit the TIMS User Guide for Temple Students for detailed information on how to apply using TIMS.

See also: Pennsylvania Department of Education (click on "Certification" on the menu)