The Intern certificate is a valid professional certificate that entitles the holder to fill a full-time professional teaching position. An Intern certificated individual is entitled to all rights and privileges of a temporary professional employee as defined by law. The current regulation states that a Teacher Intern certificate qualifies the holder to hold a full-time teaching position in the certification endorsement area in elementary and secondary schools of Pennsylvania.

The Teacher Intern certificate is issued for a period not to exceed three calendar years and qualifies the holder to perform all the duties, functions and responsibilities of the certification area(s) for which it is endorsed. Its validity begins the month of issuance and lapses 36 months later whether or not the holder has been continuously employed on the Intern certificate by a public school. This certificate can only be issued once, and under no circumstances can this certificate be renewed. The validity of the Teacher Intern certificate, whether issued for general education areas regularly endorsed on instructional certificates or for vocational education areas, is contingent upon (a) the holder rendering satisfactory service to the employing school entity, and (b) maintaining continuous enrollment and making satisfactory progress within an approved teacher intern program leading to issuance of the Instructional I certificate.

The requirements for the Intern Certificate are as follows:

All Specializations

Pass:  All sections of Praxis I and required sections of Praxis II.  Industrial Education candidates must pass an occupational competency assessment.

Career and Technical Education

Business, Computer, and Information Technology Education (BCITE) and Marketing Education

Complete with a grade of “B-” or better (a total of 12 semester hours):

  • Education 5605 - Models of Teaching
  • Business Education 5513 – Methods of Teaching
  • Business Education 5514 – Current Developments and Trends
  • Career & Technical Education 5426 – Teacher Professionalism and Staff Development in Work Based
    Education  OR Career & Technical Ed. 5401 – Curriculum Development in Career & Technical Education 

Industrial Education

Available upon promise of employment from a school district and completion of statutory requirements including state tests.