Applying for Merit (Faculty)


Faculty apply for Merit annually in the fall.  Merit applications should include reporting on the activity completed in the previous academic year. 

How to Apply for Merit in Blackboard

Applications are submitted to the Education Faculty Merit Binders course in Blackboard.  To access the course and upload your materials:

  1. Login at
  2. Click on the "Education Faculty Merit Binders" link under the "Courses" section of My Blackboard
  3. Click on the "Merit Binder" link in the course menu
  4. Click on the title of the section you want to edit (e.g. Section 1: Scholarship)
  5. Attach one or more files to the submission and/or enter any relevant information into the "Submission" box.  When your entry is complete, click "Submit"
    Note: If you make a mistake or exclude some materials, you can re-submit your materials to any particular section up to 3 times.  Each submission OVERRIDES the previous submission, so be sure to include all materials in you want the committee to review in your submission. 

What to Submit in Your Merit Binder

Instructions are provided in the Merit Binder for what you need to include in each section. You can upload one or more documents and/or enter information directly into the submission box. 

Annual Report of Faculty Activity

You may find that saving a PDF copy of the summary of your Annual Report of Faculty Activity from TUPortal provides you with a majority of the required information.  Included below is a short video that demonstrates how to print that summary [from 2011-2012]. 


Need More Help?

If you need assistance with what information goes into your Merit binder, please contact your department chair.  If you are having difficulty accessing Blackboard or what more assistance with how to upload materials in Blackboard, please submit a TUHelp Request: