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SPSS Renewals 

Do you have/need a license to SPSS for 2018? 2017 licenses expired as of 12/31/2017. SPSS license purchases and renewals for 2018 will be accepted through May 30, 2018.  To request your College of Education faculty license be renewed, please complete the SPSS License for Faculty 2018.

If you have licenses paid for through funded research, StartUp, or other funds, please complete the SPSS Licenses for Funded Research 2018.

You must include a signed SPSS License Agreement 2018 with your request.

Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access Temple resources from off-campus?

Yes.  From off-campus, you can access the College network drives (Shared/Personal), as well as a variety of Temple secure systems like Banner SSB, the Academic Advising Database, and TUMarketplace.  Visit Access Network Drives from Off-Campus for details and then try it out by navigating to TUApps: http://tuapps.temple.edu from your home or off-campus computer.

How can I share secure/protected data with colleagues or students?

It is never ok to send confidential or personal information like student grades, test scores, payment information or social security numbers through email.  When you need to share files securely and privately, you can use TUSafeSend – https://tusafesend.temple.edu – which encrypts files from upload through download.  Reminder: never leave graded work in the hallway or other public areas for students (or others) to retrieve.  Secure scanning and shredding is also available.  Contact TUHelp for assistance.

How do I create/edit my faculty profile page on the College of Education website?

To create your profile page: ask your Department Academic Coordinator for a copy of the Faculty Profile template (or look in the Faculty Resources folder on the Shared drive).  Complete the template with as much information as you have available and submit it to TUHelp.  The Tech Support team tries to post edits within 5 business days.

To edit your profile page: submit your changes via Request a Web Page Edit online form

Faculty photo day: The College tries to schedule one or two photo days each semester when faculty can get a professional headshot taken to update their profile.  Look for announcements on the Blackboard listserv for upcoming dates.  Faculty can also provide an updated headshot at any time using the web page edit form.

I don’t get wireless signal in my office; what’s up with that?

The Ritter complex was designed and built over 40 years ago and before we conceived of a highly-connected society.  As a result of how our building is designed, it would be prohibitively expensive for the College to deploy wireless signal throughout all our spaces.  As a result, we have strong wireless signal available in key public and gathering areas, including: the Dean’s suite (RH 265), the Shimada Resource Center (RA 150), all Smart Classrooms, the ECC Computer Lab (RH 310), and Ritter Annex 6th floor (research offices and Graduate Resource Center).  Most faculty offices in the College, therefore, do not have strong wireless signal available, but may receive some signal if located in proximity to these designated areas.   Note: it is a strict violation of University policy to add/attach an unauthorized wireless access point to an existing network jack.  Doing so will result in the immediate shutdown of that network jack and may result in additional sanctions.