Career and Technical Education

Chester P. Wichowski, D.Ed.

Chester P. Wichowski
Associate Director Center for Career & Technical Education

Dr. Wichowski provides leadership on the management and analysis of educational research. He designs, conducts, and provides analysis on Center-related research. He directs special projects and develops formative and summative evaluations to guide direction and decision making for Center activities. Dr. Wichowski serves as liaison to area career technical centers in matters of labor market survey research and needs assessments. He is recognized as an authority on curriculum design. He also coordinates the Cooperative Education Certification Program. Past president of ACTE New and Related Services Division, Dr. Wichowski is currently serving as the President of the Pennsylvania Association of Career and Technical Education.

Elizabeth D. Richard, Ph.D.

Elizabeth D. Richard

Assistant Professor Teaching/Instructional


Dr. Richard teaches Cooperative Education certification classes and is responsible for the Center's Continuing Technical and Professional Development and Support across all content areas. Dr. Richard's interests are career/technical and academic integration, CTE program administration, contextual and experiential learning, cooperative education, B. S. degree recruitment, program-to-program articulation and student advising. She brings many years of industry, academic teaching, and CTE experience to this position.

Joseph DeFranco, M.Ed

Joseph DeFranco, M.Ed
Field Resource Associate

Mr. DeFranco serves in the Field-based/Competency-based CTE Teacher Vocational Certification Program as well as Cooperative Education.  He is Parliamentarian of both the Pennsylvania Association of Career & Technical Educators and the Pennsylvania Cooperative Education Association.