Temple's Marketing Education program enables students to become effective marketing teachers in K-12 schools. This program provides competencies for diverse types of work in marketing and offers transitional skill attainment strategies for application of knowledge across an array of business areas. Individuals completing the program find success in secondary teaching, post-secondary teaching in community colleges, developing marketing education programs for businesses, and as trainers in marketing for a variety of business types and sizes.

Program Options: Certification-Only or Certification with Master's Degree

This program meets the requirements for Pennsylvania Department of Education instructional certificate in Marketing (Distributive) Education (grades Pre-kindergarten through 12).  Offered as part of Temple's Master of Education in Career and Techical Education with a concentration in Marketing Education, the program may be completed for certification-only or certification plus a master's degree.  Candidates are initially admitted to the master's program.  After succesfully completing the minimum requirements for certification, including 9 required courses and supervised teaching, with notification to the program, students may elect to terminate the program and attain PDE certification without a master's degree.  Or, students may elect to continue in the program and complete the additional credit hours and requirements to receive certification and a master's degree. The program requires a minimum of 27 semester hours for certification-only and 33 semester hours for certification plus a master's degree. 

Program Prerequisites

Temple's program for Marketing Education K-12 certification builds on a platform of prerequisite experience and courses.  Your undergraduate transcript should show coursework in each of the following areas:

  • Business communications
  • Computer and information technology
  • Economics and personal finance
  • Law, entrepreneurship and international business
  • Management and marketing concepts
  • Quantitative skills and accounting

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Marketing Education (Graduate) Program Requirements chart detailing course number, title, and credit hours



Credit Hours

DSED 5422

Methods of Teaching Marketing Education


DSED 5522

Current Trends in Distributive Education (Blended Online/Classroom)


CTE 5669

Project-Based Learning


EDUC 5402

Child and Adolescent Development


EDUC 5605

Models of Teaching


SECE 5471

Literacy and Differentiation in the Academic Areas, 7-12


SPED 5666

Inclusive School Practices


TESL 5631

Foundations of Language Teaching: Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners


EDUC 5888

Supervised Teaching and Seminar*


Marketing Education (Graduate) Program Requirements chart detailing course number, title, and credit hours

*As part of Supervised Teaching, students must attain a satisfactory score on the Pennsylvania Statewide Evaluation for Student Professional Knowledge and Practice (PDE 430) [pdf] to be eligible to receive Temple's recommendation for certification. 

Praxis Examination

Students should take required Praxis™ test before or during their student teaching term. Students need to attain a satisfactory score on:

For the most-current testing information, visit ETS: Praxis - Pennsylvania Test Requirements.

Career & Tech Ed Program Coordinator Contact Info

Mary M. Miller-Ettwein​​, director of curriculum, Center for Professional Development in Career and Technical Education, is the program contact for the Career and Technical Education program.
Phone: 215-204-6249

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