Temple's Busines, Computer and Information Technology Education program enables its students to become effective teachers in all of the business domains typically taught in K-12 schools, including computer and information technology; law, entrepreneurship, and international business; quantitative skills and accounting; management and marketing concepts; economics and personal finance; and business communications. Individuals completing the program find success in K-12 teaching, post-secondary teaching in community colleges, and business skills training.

Program Options: Certification-Only or Certification with Master's Degree

This program meets the requirements for Pennsylvania Department of Education instructional certificate in Business, Computer and Information Technology Education (grades Pre-kindergarten through 12).  Offered as part of Temple's Master of Education in Career and Techical Education with a concentration in Business, Computer and Information Technology Education, the program may be completed for certification-only or certification plus a master's degree.  Candidates are initially admitted to the master's program.  After succesfully completing the minimum requirements for certification - including 9 required courses and supervised teaching - with notification to the program, students may elect to terminate the program and attain PDE certification without a master's degree.  Or, students may elect to continue in the program and complete the additional credit hours and requirements to receive certification and a master's degree. The program requires a minimum of 27 semester hours for certification-only and 33 semester hours for certification plus a master's degree. 

Program Prerequisites

Temple's program for Business, Computer and Information Technology Education K-12 certification builds on a platform of prerequisite experience and courses.  Your undergraduate transcript should show coursework in each of the following areas:

  • Business communications
  • Computer and information technology
  • Economics and personal finance
  • Law, entrepreneurship and international business
  • Management and marketing concepts
  • Quantitative skills and accounting

Program Requirements

Required Courses

Business Computer and Information Technology (Graduate) Program Requirments chart



Credit Hours

BSED 5513

Methods of Teaching BCIT


BSED 5514

Current Developments & Trends in BCIT


CTE 5669

Project-Based Learning


EDUC 5605

Models of Teaching


EDUC 5402

Child and Adolescent Development


SECE 5471

Literacy and Differentiation in the Academic Areas, 7-12


SPED 5666

Inclusive School Practices


TESL 5631

Foundations of Language Teaching: Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners


EDUC 5888

Supervised Teaching and Seminar*


Total Credit Hours


Business Computer and Information Technology (Graduate) Program Requirments chart detailing course numbers, course titles, and credit hours

*As part of Supervised Teaching, students must attain a satisfactory score on the Pennsylvania Statewide Evaluation for Student Professional Knowledge and Practice (PDE 430)[pdf] to be eligible to receive Temple's recommendation for certification. 

Praxis Examination

Students should take required Praxis™ test before or during their student teaching term. Students need to attain a satisfactory score on:

For the most-current testing information, visit ETS: Praxis - Pennsylvania Test Requirements.

Contact CTE

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Philadelphia, PA 19122-6091
phone: 215-204-8383
fax: 215-204-5154
email: cteprograms@temple.edu

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