Educational Psychology

Data-Driven Decision Making

Graduate Certificate Program

There is a growing need among organizations for employees with knowledge about Data-driven Decision Making, an important trend in the field and one that complements the expertise of our educational psychology faculty. Data-driven decision making refers to the practice of using systematically collected and analyzed information to guide key decisions about policy or practice in education, business, government, or other contexts. The success of such decision-making depends upon knowing what information to collect, how to collect it, how to analyze it, how to interpret the findings, and how to translate these understandings into subsequent action.

This graduate certificate program is designed for data users and decision makers from many different kinds of organizations, including schools, colleges, nonprofits, social service groups, government entities, and businesses. Flexible sequencing of the courses, potentially flexible modes of course delivery (e.g., face-to-face, hybrid, of fully online), and a culminating paper on a flexible topic will allow students to customize their training to fit their personal interests.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 12 hours of graduate-level coursework, including:

Program Overview
Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EPSY 5523 Introduction to Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 5325 Introduction to Statistics and Research 3
EDUC 5101 Critical Understanding of Social Science Research 3
EPSY 5551 Introduction to Program Evaluation 3
Total Credit Hours 12

How to Apply

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