Amanda Guld Fisher, Ph.D.

Amanda Guld Fisher, PhD

Assistant Professor Teaching/Instructional

Psychological Studies in Education

369 Ritter Hall
1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19122


Ph.D. in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from The Ohio State University

M.A. in Psychology from University of North Carolina Wilmington

B.S. in Psychology from Appalachian State University

Areas of Professional Interest
  • Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Autism and Other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, including skill acquisition and reduction of challenging behaviors
  • Organizational Behavior Management, including staff training and supervision
Recent Scholarship


Burckley, B., Tincani, M., Fisher, A.G. (2014). An iPad-based Picture and Video Activity Schedule Increases Community Shopping Skills of a Young Adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability. Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 0, 1-6.

Neef, N. A., Kettering, T., Guld, A., & Rodrigues, L. (Accepted for publication). Grades in Jeopardy: Do on-line games for review of course material enhance quiz performance of college students?   Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Perrin, C.J., Guld, A.E., Weiss, M.J. (2012). An overview of strategies to address food selectivity and refusal in individuals with autism. Autism Spectrum News, 4(3), 8-28.

Guld, A.E. (2012). Applied Behavior Analysis: A resource for intellectual and developmental disabilities. Southeastern Education Network magazine, 14, 89-91.

Neef, N. A., Cihon, T. M., Kettering, T., Guld, A., Axe, J., Itoi, M., & DeBar, R. (2007). A comparison of study session formats on attendance and quiz performance in a college course. Journal of Behavioral Education, 16, 235-249.

Paper Presentations, Symposia, and Workshops

Fisher, A.G.&  Weiss, M.J. (2014). Selecting a Communication Modality for Nonvocal Learners. Three-hour workshop presented at Melmark New England Expert Speaker Series, Andover MA.

Debery, G., Sniezyk, C., & Fisher, A.G. (2013). BCBA Supervision in Service Delivery Agencies. Symposium presented at the annual conference for the New York Association for Behavior Analysis, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Weiss, M.J., Fisher, A.G., Hogan, K., Zane, T., Ross, K. (2013). Evaluating Communication Modalities for Acquisition and Preference. Workshop presented at the Annual Conference for Autism New Jersey, Atlantic City, NJ.

Tomon, K., Ross, K., Zane, T.L., Weiss, M.J., Satriale, G.M., Russo, S., Kane, M., Guld

Fisher, A., Merendino, K. (2013, May). Selecting a communication modality for non-vocal individuals: Assessments of acquisition and preference. Symposium presented at the 2013 ABAI Annual Convention in Minneapolis, MN.

Perrin, C., Dayton, E., Hanson, J., Kowalski, A., Guld, A., & Kane, M. (2013, May). Use of latency to problem behavior in the assessment and treatment of severe self injurious behavior. In, Bird, F. (Chair), Treating severe self injurious behaviors within applied settings. Symposium conducted at the 2013 ABAI Annual Convention in Minneapolis, MN.

Fisher, A.G., Weiss, M.J. (2013, April). Transitioning Learners to Adulthood. Presented at 8th Annual Autism Conference at Philhaven. Lebanon, PA.

Perrin, C.J., Guld, A.E., Nipe, T., Schadler, J.J., Fredrick, A., Dragone, D., Lausch, S. (2012). A Comparison of Plate A/Plate B, Taste Exposure Sessions, and Escape Extinction in Treating Food Refusal and Food Selectivity in Two Children with Autism. Symposium presented at the annual conference of the Association for Behavior Analysis, Seattle, WA.

Guld. A.E. (August, 2009, 2010, 2011). Effective Teaching Strategies, PBS, Ethical Behavior Interventions. Workshop presented at the Temple University Autism Summer Institute, Philadelphia, PA.

Guld, A.E. & Perrin, C. (November, 2010). From Setting to Design Length to Measurement: A Schmorgesborg of Options in Clinical Functional Analysis. Presented for the Melmark Expert Speaker Series, Berwyn, PA.

Guld, A.E., Kowalski, A., & Rodgers, J. (November, 2010). Applied Behavior Analysis in Practice: A Behavior Analytic Model for the Clinical Care of Children with Severe Behavior Disorders. Presented at the Pennsylvania Chapter of Council for Exceptional Children, State College, PA.

Guld. A.E. (March, 2009). Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis. Workshop presented for Parents of Autistic Children advocacy group, Brick, NJ.

Guld. A.E. (May, 2009). Breaking the Link: Decreasing an Inappropriate Behavior whenit is a Link in a Response Chain. Presented at the annual conference of the Association for Behavior Analysis, Phoenix, AZ.