Janice Laurence, Ph.D.

Janice Laurence, Ph.D.

Policy, Organizational, & Leadership Studies

1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
Ritter Annex 245, College of Education 
Philadelphia, PA 19122
phone/fax: (215) 204-8079 / (215) 204-6013

  • Ph.D. George Mason University, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • MA  George Mason University, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • MA Temple University, Experimental Psychology
  • BA Temple University, Psychology
Areas of Professional Interest
  • Personnel Policy Analysis and Assessment
  • Performance Measurement and Assessment
  • Military Psychology
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Diversity Issues
Recent Scholarship

Laurence, J.H. (in preparation). Women and the Military: Progress and Challenges. In D. Rohall, M. G. Ender, & M.D. Matthews (Eds.) A Force for Diversity? The Past, Present, and Future of Inclusion in the Armed Services. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. Laurence, J.H. (in press). “Cyborg Soldiers: Some Ethical Considerations.” In M. D. Matthews, & Schnyer, D.(Eds.) (in press). The Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience of

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