Dr. Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Teaching/Instructional
Policy, Organizational, & Leadership Studies
Jennifer Johnson, PhD 
Assistant Professor, Teaching/Instructional 
Policy, Organizational and Leadership Studies
435 Ritter Annex
1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19122
phone: (215) 204-8068


  • PhD, University of Maryland - College Park; Higher Education, Student Affairs, and International Education Policy
  • MSEd, University of Pennsylvania; Higher Education Management
  • MSEd, Chestnut Hill College; Elementary Education
  • BS, Syracuse University; Biology and Psychology 
Areas of Professional Interest
  • Pre-college access programs
  • Intersections of race, class, and gender with a focus on how institutional contexts shape college access, experiences, and outcomes among Black students.
  • College choice motivations, collegiate experiences, and outcomes of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) alumni
Recent Scholarship

Select Articles in Refereed Journals and Edited Books

Johnson, J. M. & McGowan, B. L. (in press). Untold stories:  The gendered experiences of high-achieving African American alumni of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Journal of African American Males in Higher Education.

Johnson, J. M. (2017). Social norms, gender imbalance, perception of risk, and the sexual behaviors of African American women at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  Journal of African American Studies, 21(2), 203-215.

Johnson, J. M. (2017).  Choosing Elites:  Experiences of working-class Black undergraduate women at an Ivy League university.  In L. D. Patton Davis & N. Croom (Eds.), Critical Perspectives on Black Women and College Success. (pp. 158-169). New York: Routledge.

Johnson, J. M. (2016). Managing transitions, building bridges: An evaluation of a summer pre-college program for African American scientists and engineers. Journal for Multicultural Education, 10(2), 206-216.

Johnson, J. M. (2016). Navigating the #PhDGrind with the support of social media. In D. Y. Ford, S. M. Trotman, R. Goings, T. Wingfield & M. Henfield (Eds), RACE Mentoring through social media: Black and Hispanic scholars share their journey in the academy. (pp. 205-211).  New York: Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Johnson, J. M., Robinson, T. N., Staples, C. L., & Daoud, N. (2016). Preparing to lead: The socialization of Black women for faculty and administrative careers through graduate school.  In B. L. H. Marina & S. Ross (Eds.), Beyond Retention:  Cultivating spaces of equity, justice, and fairness for women of color in U.S. higher education. (pp. 103-124).  New York:  Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Johnson, J. M., & Snider, J. C. (2015).  PhorwarD progress:  Experiences of academic, professional, and personal mentorship in the academy.  In B. L. H. Marina, (Ed.), Mentoring Away the Glass Ceiling in Academia:  A Cultured Critique. (pp. 3-16). New Mexico:  International Mentoring Association.

Mobley, S. D. & Johnson, J. M. (2015).  The role of HBCUS in addressing the unique needs of LGBT students. In R. T. Palmer & R. Shorette (Eds.), Exploring diversity at Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Implications for policy and practice.  (pp. 79-89). New York:  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass.

Fries-Britt, S. V., Johnson, J. M., & Burt, B. (2013). Black students in physics.  The intersection of academic ability, race, gender, and class.  In T. L. Strayhorn (Ed.), Living at the Intersections: Social identities and Black collegians. (pp. 21-39). New York: Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Refereed Research Paper Presentations

Johnson, J. M. (2017, November). The promise delivered: Experiences and outcomes of Historically Black College and University alumni.  Research Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), Houston, TX.

Johnson, J. M., Jones, G., Garcia, G., Mwangi, C. G., & Dache-Gerbino, A. (2017, April). Resisting, rejecting, and redefining normative pathways to the professoriate: Higher education faculty of color. Research Paper presented at the annual meeting of AERA, San Antonio, TX.

Williams, M. S., & Johnson, J. M. (2016, November). Predicting the quality of Black Women collegians’ relationships with faculty at an HBCU. Research Paper presented at the annual meeting of ASHE, Columbus, OH.

 Patton-Davis, L., Croom, N., Porter, C., Johnson, J. M., Griffin, K., Patterson, S., Mwangi, C. G., Harris, J., Winkle-Wagner, R., Luedke, C., & McCallum, C. (2015, November). Black undergraduate women and the politics of Invisibility: Emergent research perspectives and building a collaborative research agenda.  Interactive symposia facilitated at the annual meeting ASHE, Denver, CO.

Marina, B. L. H., Johnson, J. M., McWilliams, A., Ben, L., & Bertrand-Jones, T.  (2015, October). Mentoring away the glass ceiling in academia: A reflective analysis. Panel presentation for the University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute, Albuquerque, NM.

Strayhorn, T., Winkle-Wagner, R., McGowan, B., & Johnson, J. M. (2015, May). Intersectionality, Research, & Race (IRR): Learning from the Field. Major Workshop facilitated at the annual National Conference for Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE), Washington, DC.

Johnson, J. M. (2015, April). Thriving and striving: Experiences of Black Women at an Ivy League University. Paper presented at the annual meeting of AERA, Chicago, IL.

Bullock, D., Jackson, T., Johnson, J. M., Mason, N. & McKinney, C. (2014, June). Retention Coordinators: Unifying academic and student affairs to improve student outcomes.  Session presented at the annual meeting of the NASPA Assessment and Evaluation Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Strayhorn, T. L., Williams, M. S., Tillman-Kelly, D. L., Palmer, R. T., Johnson, J. M., Lee, J. M., Carter, J., Wagner, D., Johnson, N., & Hines, R. (2014, March). HBCUs reinvented: Exploration through research and careers in student affairs. Extended session presented at the annual meeting of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), Indianapolis, IN.

Johnson, J. M. (2014, April).  Smart Black girls:  An exploration of the intersections of race, gender, class, and academic sense of self amongst Black women at a selective university. Research Paper presented at the annual meeting of AERA, Philadelphia, PA.

Johnson, J. M. (2014, March). Choosing HBCUs:  Why African Americans choose HBCUs in the 21st century.  Session presented at the HBCU Summit on Retention, Ocean City, MD.

 Fries-Britt, S., Turner-Kelly, B., Villarreal, R., Johnson, J. M., Holmes, K., & Mwangi, C. G. (2012, November). Creating authentic spaces in the academy for mentoring. Workshop presented at the annual meeting of ASHE, Las Vegas, NV.

Fries-Britt, S., Johnson, J. M., Holmes, K. & Snider, J. (2011, November).  Perceptions of minority graduate students in STEM of faculty teaching, support, and commitment to their success. Roundtable session presented at the annual meeting of ASHE, Charlotte, NC.

 Mobley, S. D. & Johnson, J. M. (2011, November).  Is it “appropriate” to be Black and Gay at an HBCU?  An examination of the “Appropriate Attire Policy” at Morehouse College. Scholarly paper presented at the annual meeting of ASHE, Charlotte, NC.