Lia Sandilos

Lia Sandilos, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Psychological Studies in Education
  • Ph.D. in School Psychology, Pennsylvania State University.
  • M.Ed. in School Psychology, Pennsylvania State University.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Classical and Mediterranean Studies (minor), Pennsylvania State University.


Areas of Professional Interest
  • Teacher effectiveness
  • Student-teacher interactions
  • Teacher stress and well-being as it relates to instructional quality and classroom environment
  • How social inequities due to ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or language status impact the educational experiences of students
Recent Scholarship
Sandilos, L. E., & Rimm-Kaufman, S. E., & Cohen, J. J. (in press). Warmth and demand: Exploring the relation between students’ perceptions of the classroom environment and student achievement growth. In press at Child Development.  
Von Der Embse, N. P., Sandilos, L. E., Pendergast, L., & Mankin, A. (in press). A mediation analysis of teacher stress, self-efficacy, and job satisfaction. In press at Learning and Individual Differences.  
Sawyer, B. L., Cycyk, L. M., Sandilos, L. E., & Hammer, C. S. (in press). ‘So many books they don’t even all fit on the bookshelf’: An examination of low-income mothers’ home literacy practices, beliefs and influencing factors. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy. Online publication available.   
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