Richard M. Englert, Ed.D.

Richard M. Englert, Ed.D.

President, Temple University
Policy, Organizational, & Leadership Studies

Second Floor, Sullivan Hall

1330 Polett Walk

Philadelphia, PA 19122

  • Ed.D. University of California at Los Angeles Educational Leadership
  • M. A. Pepperdine University, General Elementary Education
  • B. A. St. John's College (Camarillo, California), Philosophy
Areas of Professional Interest
  • Administration of higher education
  • Urban schools
  • Politics of education
  • School administration
Recent Scholarship

Englert, R. M. (1997). The university's role in the improvement of inner-city education Education and Urban Society, 29:3 (May), 373-402.

Englert, R. M. (1995). The university's role in the improvement of inner-city education. Invited "White Paper" for the Wingspread Invitational Conference on "Improving Inner-City Education," Racine Wisconsin, October 19.

Englert, R.M. (1993). Understanding the urban context and conditions of practice in school administration. In P.B. Forsyth, (Ed.) City Schools: Leading the Way. A project of the University Council for Educational Leadership. Newbury Park, CA: Corwin Press.

Englert, R.M. (1992). The university's impact on modern society. Philadelphia Tribune Magazine, 1:7 (November).

Englert, R.M. (1989). What our students read: A study of readings in politics of education courses. In D.H. Layton & J.D. Scribner (Eds.) Teaching educational politics and policy. UCEA Monograph Series. University Council for Educational Leadership, 41-58.