Sabina Rak Neugebauer, Ed.D.

Sabina Rak Neugebauer, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor
Teaching & Learning

Ritter Hall 445
1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19122
phone: 215 204-6137

  • Ed.D. Human Development & Education, Harvard University
  • Ed.M Language & Literacy, Harvard University
  • B.A., Psychology and French Studies, Wesleyan University
Areas of Professional Interest
  • Language and literacy development of linguistically diverse learners
  • Vocabulary interventions
  • Reading motivation and engagement
  • Instrument design
Recent Scholarship


Neugebauer, S., Gamez, P., Coyne, M., Colon, I., McCoach, D.B., & Ware, S. (in press) Promoting Word Consciousness to Close the Vocabulary Gap in Young Word Learners. Elementary School Journal.

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*Alphabetical order, equal authorship across authors.

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