Wanda Brooks, Ed.D.

Wanda Brooks, Ed.D.

Associate Professor
Teaching & Learning

Ritter Hall 449 
1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6091
phone: (215) 204-3344

  • Ed.D. University of Pennsylvania in Reading, Writing, Literacy
  • M.A. University of California at Berkeley in Language & Literacy
  • B.S. Hampton University in Elementary-Middle School Education
Areas of Professional Interest
  • African American Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • Middle School Readers & Reader Response
  • Teaching Youth in Urban Schools
  • Literacy Education
Recent Scholarship

Journal Articles:

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Chapters in Books

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Dec. 2015 ‘Black Lives Matter’: Reading a Novel to Corroborate Contemporary Racism.  Paper presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference. San Diego, CA.
Dec. 2014 LRA Study Group: CRT as a Theoretical Perspective Underlying Qualitative Research.
Paper presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference, Marco Island, FL.
Dec. 2014 Boundaries, Barriers, and Bridges: Multicultural Young Adult Literature in Preservice Teachers' Examinations of Race. Panel discussant at the Literacy Research Association Conference, Marco Island, FL.4
April 2014 From Picture to Chapter Books: Literary Portrayals, African American Girls and the Textual Subtleties of "Growing Up". Paper presented the American Education Association Research Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
Feb. 2013 Multicultural Children’s Literature as a Context for Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice. Paper presented at the Association of Teacher Educator’s Conference, Atlanta, GA.
Dec. 2012 Feminist Theory and Content Analysis: Developmental Depictions of Black Girls in Picture, Transitional and Chapter Books. Paper presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference. San Diego, CA.