Wanda Brooks, Ed.D.

Wanda Brooks, Ed.D.

Associate Professor
Teaching & Learning

Ritter Hall 449 
1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6091
phone: (215) 204-3344

  • Ed.D. University of Pennsylvania in Reading, Writing, Literacy
  • M.A. University of California at Berkeley in Language & Literacy
  • B.S. Hampton University in Elementary-Middle School Education
Areas of Professional Interest
  • African American Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • Middle School Readers & Reader Response
  • Teaching Youth in Urban Schools
  • Literacy Education
Recent Scholarship

Journal Articles:

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Chapters in Books

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Dec. 2017 Critical Content Analysis and a Text Set: Reading Black Girls across the African Diaspora. Literacy Research Association Conference: Tampa, FL.
Dec. 2017 Interpretations of Racial Narratives in Culturally Conscious Picturebooks. Literacy Research Association Conference: Tampa, FL
Feb. 2017 Introducing the Delphi Method in Qualitative Research. Paper presented at the Ethnography in Education Research Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
Dec. 2016 Transformative Approaches to Critical Content Analysis of Children's and YA Literature: Methodology Informs Instruction. Paper presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference. Nashville, TN.
Dec. 2015 ‘Black Lives Matter’: Reading a Novel to Corroborate Contemporary Racism.  Paper presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference. San Diego, CA.
Dec. 2014 LRA Study Group: CRT as a Theoretical Perspective Underlying Qualitative Research.
Paper presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference, Marco Island, FL.
Dec. 2014 Boundaries, Barriers, and Bridges: Multicultural Young Adult Literature in Preservice Teachers' Examinations of Race. Panel discussant at the Literacy Research Association Conference, Marco Island, FL.4
April 2014 From Picture to Chapter Books: Literary Portrayals, African American Girls and the Textual Subtleties of "Growing Up". Paper presented the American Education Association Research Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
Feb. 2013 Multicultural Children’s Literature as a Context for Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice. Paper presented at the Association of Teacher Educator’s Conference, Atlanta, GA.
Dec. 2012 Feminist Theory and Content Analysis: Developmental Depictions of Black Girls in Picture, Transitional and Chapter Books. Paper presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference. San Diego, CA.