Technology Support and Services

Access Network Drives from Off-Campus

The College of Education supports faculty and staff data storage through our network drives.  All drives are backed up daily and we retain backups for 30 days.  The College encourages faculty and staff to store all data files on these drives instead of on a personal office computer.  Data stored on your office computer is not backed up and cannot be recovered if your system malfunctions.  

What is the difference between the P and S drives?

P:\\ (Personal) drive -- \\tu\depts\educ\home: This folder is only accessible to the individual user and is where you can store your private Temple-related work and files.

S:\\ (Shared) drive -- \\tu\depts\educ\shared: This folder is actually a collection of folders.  Each folder is shared with two or more users in the College of Education.  You will only see the folders which you have permission to access.  If you do not see a folder that a colleague sees, to which you require access, submit a TUHelp Request ( to request access.  In some cases, you may not have full permission to edit/delete files in a folder.  You may only have read/view-only access. 

What is the N Drive?

The N drive is a secure network drives where the College stores files that need to be encrypted (e.g. FERPA or HIPPA-related documents).  Only a small group of faculty and staff currently have N drive access, but this will be expanded over time.  In order to open, edit, or save files to the N drive, you must also have Symantec Encryption Desktop installed on your computer.  If you need assistance with storing or accessing encrypted files or folders, please submit a TUHelp Request online at

Accessing Network Drives On-Campus

It is very easy to access the network drives when you are on-campus at your office computer.  Simply click on the "Computer" link in your start menu and then click on the P or S drive.

Screen shot showing Computer folder with network drives

Accessing Network Drives Off-Campus

When you are not at your office computer and not using Temple's TUSecureWireless to connect to the campus network, you will need to use TUApps in order to access the College network drives.  TUApps also allows you to access secure Temple resources like Banner INB/SSB or Finance. 

Setting up your computer to access TUApps does take a few minutes.  A step-by-step video tutorials for setting up TUApps and accessing the network drives are available on YouTube: TUApps - Accessing TempleU Resources Off-Campus

And you can also review Temple's Computer Services detailed instructions for installing TUApps.

After you install the software the first time, you simply open your browser and navigate to, login, and click on "Doc Finder" to access the network drives.