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E-Portfolios in TK20

Students in Teacher Education and School Psychology programs at Temple will build and edit their required program portfolios using TK20 (  You must have a paid TK20 account issued to you by the College of Education at Temple to login to TK20.  After you login to TK20 using your Temple username and password, click on the "Portfolios" tab to see the portfolios that are required for your program. 

Presentation V. Assessment Portfolios

TK20 supports two different kinds of portfolios:

A Presentation portfolio is designed as a personal portfolio that students can create and use as a personal tool for job searching, sharing with friends and family, or even sharing with colleagues and your future students.  TK20 users can customize the look and content of a Presentation portfolio.  

An Assessment portfolio is assigned to you by your program and must be completed as part of your program requirements.   Assessment portfolios are defined by your program and will include required elements and assessment forms.  You will only see an Assessment portfolio in TK20 when one has been assigned to you by your program coordinator or administrator.

How-to Guides for E-Portfolios in TK20

  1. TK20 Student Portfolio Quick Guide (pdf)
  2. Edit Your Portfolio in TK20 (video):