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Supporting Temple's Sustainability Initiative: Duplex Printing


Double side it! can save up to 75% on cost!One small step we can make towards a more "green" campus is to reduce/reuse/recycle whenever possible. Thus, we encourage our faculty and staff to "Think Before You Print" and to reduce the amount of paper-based waste we produce through the use of scanning and electronic distribution and storage. 

Making Double-Sided Printing the Default

Faculty and staff offices feature either a Brother or HP laserjet black and white printer. Models purchased for the College of Education support duplex printing. When we setup you printer, we adjust the settings so that, whenever you print, regardless of what program you are printing from or what type of document you are printing, your documents will automatically print on both sides. Just think, without taking any additional action, the College could see a reduction in paper use by 1/2!

How to Select Single-Sided Printing

We understand that in certain circumstances, like submissions to journals or dissertations, you may need to print single-sided documents. Of course, we hope you'll choose to use single-sided printing only when required.

Duplex Printing on Campus

Computer labs and centers on campus also support default duplex-printing. As a result, instructors should expect to receive double-sided prints of assignments and papers. If it is important to you that students use single-sided printing for your assignments, please be sure to specify that in your syllabus and assignments. Lab assistants will be available to help students select single-sided printing for specific jobs, but, as with our offices, we encourage instructors to support this paper-saving intiative and allow students to take advantage of double-sided prints whenever possible.