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Digital Education Leadership Graduate Certificate

Temple’s graduate certificate in digital education leadership serves as a critical bridge to helping these service-providers develop marketable skills and competencies. This program prepares students to make structural and technological decisions regarding effective digitally-based learning, teaching, and student development.  Students develop a strong vision for sound online learning in an increasingly regulated field, as they consider how effective uses of technology can support learning for students at different development levels; and learn to communicate that vision to complementary departments who serve online learner interests.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 12 hours of graduate-level instruction, including

Digital Education Leadership Graduate Certificate
Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Digital Education Leadership Graduate Certificate
EDUC 8232 Technology, Teaching, and Learning 3
HIED 5401 College Students & Development Theory 3
HIED 5502 Digital Education Leadership 3
EPSY 5501 Multimedia Learning in Online Learning Environments 3
Total Graduate Credit Hours 12

Program Learning Goals & Outcomes

Students who complete this certificate program will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Identify and adapt to the changing demographics of students - including the increased numbers of non-traditional students and their distinctive motivations for engaging institutions; 
  • Communicate how sound instructional design practices and technology must be leveraged to best serve changing demographics across complementary departments.
  • Create assessments and utilize both technology and data to support their visions. 
  • Use data analytics to find more efficient ways to heighten learning and provide ongoing integrated support for diverse student populations.

How to Apply

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