Program Requirements for Higher Education MEd as of Fall 2020

Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses (15 credits):
Required courses for Higher Education MEd as of Fall 2020

Course Number

Course Title


Core Courses

HIED 5101

Introduction to Higher Education


HIED 5102

Administration of Higher Education


HIED 5103

Access & Equity in Higher Education


HIED 5104

College Students & Development Theory


EDUC 5101

Critical Understanding of Social Science Research


Lists the required courses for students beginning their Higher Education MEd program in Fall 2020.

Focused Electives (9 credits)

Select three higher education electives chosen from the following list or other course(s) with documented advisor approval.

Approved Electives:
List of approved electives for the Higher Education MEd program effective as of Fall 2020.

Course Number

Course Title

HIED 5201

Diversity Issues in Higher Education

HIED 5202

The Cost of College

HIED 5203

Getting into College: Strategic Enrollment Management

HIED 5301

Planning & Assessment in Higher Education

HIED 5401

Student Affairs in Higher Education

HIED 5502

Digital Education Leadership

HIED 5801

Gender Issues in Education

HIED 5802

Leadership in Higher Education

HIED 5803

Law and Policy in Higher Education

HIED 5804

The Community College

AOD 5535

Organizational Assessment, Design and Strategy

CPSY 5698

Fundamental Counseling Techniques

EDUC 5010

Special Topics in Education1

EDUC 5325

Introduction to Statistics and Research

EDUC 8232

Technology, Teaching and Learning

EPSY 5501

ILT: Multimedia Learning

URBE 5516

School-Community Partnerships in Urban Settings

URBE 5417

The Urban Environment

List of approved electives for the Higher Education MEd program effective as of Fall 2020.

Free Elective (3 credits)

Select one general elective with advisor approval.

Capstone (3 credits)

HIED 9995: Master's Capstone in Higher Education.


1. Education 5010 can be repeated for credits.  Each semester, faculty will advise students of special topics offerings that may be of particular interest to higher education students.

Academic Program Changes Effective Fall 2020

Reflective of our commitment to continually improve learning opportunities for our students and to deliver programs that address discipline-based knowledge in a broad, diverse, and changing environment, the College of Education and Human Development has modified the program requirements for several academic programs. These changes, as approved by Temple's Board of Trustees, are effective for students beginning their program in Fall 2020 and beyond.  To ensure students can adequately plan their course of study, the college is posting the revised program requirements. This information will remain available on this site until the updated 2020-2021 Temple Bulletin is published in August 2020. 

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