School Leadership

Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction Certification


A Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction is a district-wide specialist in curriculum and instruction across the total grade organization and is responsible for performing the following duties:

  • supervising instruction and evaluating staff as designated by the school superintendent;
  • designing and developing curriculum, learning materials and innovative educational programs;
  • conducting experimental instructional programs, and
  • directing and conducting basic or applied educational research.

(see the Pennsylvania Department of Education site for more details)

Why Choose Temple?

Temple University's Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction certificate program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students who successfully complete all program requirements will, at the same time, satisfy the academic requirements for an administrative certificate in Pennsylvania.

Getting Certified

In addition to the academic requirements, the Pennsylvania Department of Education requires candidates to pass the Praxis 5411 test: Educational Leadership - Administration & Supervision [PDF]. After all academic requirements are met and the scores from the Praxis are reported, the College of Education will endorse the successful candidate for certification.

Program Requirements

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How to Apply

Applicants are initially admitted to our School Leadership Master’s Program with a concentration in Curriculum Supervision.  After successfully completing the minimum requirements for Certification, students may choose to leave the program with certification-only or may elect to continue in the program and complete the additional credit hours and requirements to receive certification and a Master’s degree.