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Educational Leadership (Executive EdD)

The Executive EdD in Educational Leadership provides students the skills needed to diagnose and resolve organizational challenges and to craft and evaluate programs and policies impacting student success. Coursework combines the theoretical and methodological foundations of academic research with an applied focus that helps students develop the professional and interpersonal wisdom necessary to successfully manage change within complex organizational structures. This program prepares graduates to be effective administrators and skillful and visionary leaders.

The educational leadership doctoral program is a cohort program and that consists of a fixed set of courses offered in a specific sequence.  All students in each cohort will take the same courses in the same sequence. Courses will be offered on weekends and during the summer, accommodating the schedules of working professionals.

Program Objectives

The core requirements reflect the essential values of the Temple University graduate program in educational leadership and the foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities required for effective administrative practice.  Students will:

  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of effective practices for equitable and ethical school, school district, and system leadership.
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of leadership and learning theories.
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of the history, politics, policy and philosophy of public, charter, and independent educational programs.
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of schooling, school governance, organizational leadership, and civic engagement.
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of how political, societal, and identity factors that contribute to student and school success.
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically engage, diagnose, assess, and address issues of equity and inequality that exist in schools and school districts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to review and synthesize research and practitioner literature to examine educational issues.
  • Demonstrate the ability to select and apply research methods and theoretical frameworks to address problems of practice.
  • Demonstrate the ability to design, engage in, and thoughtfully report on research in multiple designated formats (Dissertation, White Paper, Presentation).

Program Requirements

Completion of the degree will require 45-credits beyond the master’s degree and a dissertation.  Possession of a master’s degree or at least 30 graduate credits in a related field will be required for admission to the program.  With program approval, students may also transfer in up to nine post master’s credits earned at the Temple College of Education while not matriculated in a graduate program. Most students will thus need to complete 13 courses plus at least six credits in the dissertation block (including at least two credits of EDAD 9999) in the doctoral program at Temple.

Refer to Educational Leadership (Executive EdD) Program Requirements for details.

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