2017 College of Education Commencement Ceremony Speakers

Student Speakers Devin DeShields and Ashley Booth, will address the 2017 College of Education Commencement Ceremony. 
Devin DeShields is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Adult and Organizational Development. As a Philadelphia native, Devin recalls playing basketball as a kid in McGonigle Hall, which is where he will be addressing the College of Education on Friday, May 12. He largely accredits Temple University and Philadelphia for the opportunities he has received, “I never felt like I had to accomplish things or reach specific benchmarks at any other pace than my own.  It was like my evolution as a person is largely in part to my relationship to Temple and the city of Philadelphia; and whenever I was ready to change and grow, Temple and Philly were there waiting to assist me.” 
Devin feels appreciative for Temple’s ability to motivate and challenge students, yet encourage a sense of pride and belonging to be a Temple Owl, “Even while I was exiled from college, I still considered Temple 'my school.' So staying afloat and working towards getting admitted again and finishing my degree was a long process that I had to actively stick to in order to complete.”
Here at Temple University, Devin learned how to academically adapt and succeed from his past mistakes to achieve his goals. Devin feels honored to speak on behalf of his peers on such a monumental day of their lives.
Ashley Booth is receiving her master’s degree in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Higher Education. Alongside her schoolwork, Ashley also works two part-time jobs, and volunteers within the community.
“One thing I want everyone to know about my experiences at Temple is that I had such a wonderful time networking with the students I encountered in my courses. Each person taught me something new about them and the field, and brought out new qualities that I had within myself and I am so thankful for that,” these experiences helped build Ashley both academically and professionally, providing her with a skillset for her future. Upon graduation, Ashley envisions herself working in either student affairs with a focus on new student concentration and programming or residence life and student conduct.
Ashley feels humbled to speak on behalf of her influential peers, “I am so appreciative of this honor of representing my graduating class because they have supported me so much through this journey and I am so happy to have gotten to know so many great people here at Temple.” 
Both students acknowledge the resources Temple University and the College of Education offers, and agree that it is up to the student to utilize and benefit from such opportunities. Devin and Ashley will speak more in depth of their unique journies at the College of Education Commencement ceremony this Friday, May 12 at 10:00 a.m. at McGonigle Hall, located at 1800 N. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19121.
- Breanna Pegula