Photo Credit: Amanda Brown/NJ Spotlight

Erskine Glover, EDU '96, a Newark school principal and some of his school's staff members will be heading to the White House Tuesday for a celebration of their work and that of other top educators. Glover earned a Master in Education from the College of Education at Temple University in 1996.

Erskine Glover, who is the principal of Quitman Street Community School, will be making the trip to the nation's capital after getting an invitation from President Barack Obama.

The recognition is part of National Teacher Appreciation Week.

“Yes, I’m very excited about it. So it was a complete and utter surprise,” says Glover. “Not a surprise in the sense that our school has been doing a lot of good things. We have been moving in the right direction. And I am very proud of the work that our students and staff do. But it was a surprise to get that correspondence.”

Glover says it's a reflection of the hard work that the teachers, parents and students of his school have has been doing.

And it's a moment when the entire city of Newark can finally be recognized for doing something well for its students.

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Courtney Kane