Alumnus receives heartfelt award 

Chris Callahan Tuesday, May 16, 2017, was a very special day for College of Education alumnus Chris Callahan. This would be the day Callahan was recognized by his colleagues and school for being Teacher of the Year. 
Callahan, who graduated with a MEd in Secondary Education from the college in 2011, has worked for Overbrook High School in Pine Hill New Jersey since 2014. 
“Initially, I was shocked,” said Callahan. “I was actually thinking about who I was going to start at the basketball game after the meeting. Later that night after the game, I felt validated." Teaching is Callahan’s “second career” as he is also an electrician. 
Callahan said his teaching style developed at Temple where he was influenced from professors and classmates who played a critical role in developing the philosophies he tries to adhere in his classroom and school community. 
“I had the opportunity to be a part of cohort with extremely intelligent and progressive thinking students and staff as well as having amazing English Education professors that focused on instituting lessons, teaching practices and philosophies,” described Callahan. 
When asked what the best part of his current job is, Callahan had a tough time coming up with what is best: “If I had to choose the best part it would be the letters I get from students during the year or at the end year saying thank you or how much you meant to them. But, I also really like just walking down the halls and saying ‘what's up’ to all the students or when I walk through the lunch room and all my current and former students yell out, ‘Yo Callahan!’”
- Jane Clauss