Having survived the first weeks of college as a new student is only the beginning and your next few years will be packed with endless opportunities. Professor of teaching and learning, Tim Fukawa-Connelly shared his top three tips on how to make the most out of your time at Temple University!

1) Get involved in something you're passionate about! 

Get involved in something that challenges you to be and think differently! We know that when you're active and involved in campus life you're going to do better in school and you’ll be more likely to graduate. Plus, getting involved in an activity or organization helps you make the transition from high school to college. Doing so might help you learn new things about yourself. You might try tutoring elementary or middle school students or you might do robotics with high school students.

2) Meet and talk to your faculty! 

We’re excited that you're here and we want to help you be successful. Come talk to us during office hours, ask us questions about the readings, or ask us questions about our research and interests that go beyond the readings. Maybe, if you're interested in our area, ask us how you could do additional work with us. We really are here for you.

3) Most importantly, do things that challenge yourself.

College is an amazing chance to do and try new things, to learn about yourself and the world. Maybe go abroad?  Maybe do an exchange to another US institution? Maybe even start a new organization about your passion?

Heather Goodman KLN' 20